Friday, 4 July 2008

Wanna get laid in Jakarta?

Hidden in the Classified's

Browsing the Jakarta Post yesterday I came across a "small add" offering nightlife tours in Jakarta, US$ 125 for a threee hour educational tour. It seemed quite strange, all that money for what?

In the advert was a website address so being the investigative type I checked it out....and an interesting aray of "tour options" were listed, not al off them off the family variety!

JAKARTA AFTER DARK offers exclusive nightlife tours of the hottest spots in Jakarta to meet the most available women, allowing you to fulfill your desire. Night clubs, bars, street line-ups, hotel massage services, massage parlours, spas, pick-up joints, dispatchers, and escort agencies/houses are all yours to experience.

Come and get it big boy


Interestingly, the site also offers the following service....

If you are a business owner or a high level executive with spending limits or a corporation, JAKARTA AFTER DARK can provide you with a business invoice from unrelated service company for my private services and what ever amount of money you spend in between.

In that case, my services will become totally deductable and you will be able to charge them as a business expense in your company.

Different invoice subjects can be proposed based on your business activity: transportation, consulting services, conferences, training, translation services, marketing services, web promotion, etc.

I have just realised I have to do my expenses today, better contact these wonderful people and get a few receipts....em, er, just in case (If you know what I mean)


  1. Great photo! I am saving it for later use. I wrote a post on my site some time ago with a link to Jakarta After Dark. For weeks after that it kept coming up as one of the most visited links on my site. Months later it is still going strong. Anything that has to do with SEX apparently will draw a crowd.

  2. The photo originally appeared on the old Block M forum, always liked the honesty in advertising....

  3. The girl looks creepy. Are you sure it's female?

  4. It appears that revenue targets maybe missed unless seasonally adjusted.

  5. Sure it's pretty amusing but I find the picture more depressing than anything else.